CC2530 - True RF System-On-Chip

By Texas Instruments 227

CC2530 - True RF System-On-Chip

Texas Instruments' CC2530 is a complete 2.4 GHz RF System-on-Chip solution supporting IEEE 802.15.4 and an extensive set of applications, such as ZigBee Pro, ZigBee RF4CE remote controls, Smart Energy, home and commercial building automation, environmental monitoring, and wireless medical.

The CC2530 integrates a high-performance RF transceiver, 8051 MCU, 8 KB of RAM and up to 256 KB of Flash memory to enable robust, reliable wireless networks.

  • 2X Flash over closest competitor
  • Supports ZigBee PRO, ZigBee RF4CE, and more
  • Lowest current consumption power down mode for long battery life low duty-cycle applications
  • Widest temperature range for superior robustness
  • Efficient security takes up little Flash or MCU cycles
  • Reduced part list
  • Ideal for Gateway or Bridge device
  • Allows smaller PCB to help miniaturize product
  • Provides legacy IR support with no added cost
  • Up to 256 Kb Flash / 8 Kb of RAM
  • Excellent link budget (101.5 dB)
  • 49 dB adjacent channel rejection (best in class)
  • Multiple low power modes
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +125 °C
  • AES-128 security module
  • 21 GPIOs, 2 USARTs, and a rich peripheral set
  • Fully compatible with the CC259x range extenders
  • RoHS compliant 6 mm x 6 mm QFN40
  • Powerful IR generation circuitry
  • 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 systems
  • ZigBee RF4CE remote controls
  • Set-Top boxes and RF controlled TVs
  • ZigBee-Pro AMI systems
  • Low-power wireless sensor networks
  • Lighting and home controls