AC164144 LCC Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board

By Microchip Technology 207

AC164144 LCC Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board

Microchip's low-cost controllerless (LCC) graphics PICtail plus daughter board enables development of graphics solutions without an external graphics controller, thus reducing system BOM cost for many applications. The board is designed to attach to a PIC32 starter kit (DM320001, DM320003) or an Explorer 16 development board (DM240001) and one of Microchip LCD Modules including the truly 3.2" QVGA board and the 4.3" WQVGA powertip display panel.

  • Can drive QVGA 8 bpp with PIC32 alone
  • Can drive WQVGA 16 bpp with external 512 KB SRAM Frame buffer
  • Display connector for interfacing with different display boards
  • PICtail plus interface for connecting to Explorer 16 development board
  • PIC32 starter kit connector
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