BP527x Series Converter Modules

By ROHM Semiconductor 238

BP527x Series Converter Modules

BP5277 Overview

Previously, in configuring a DC/DC converter, development was necessarily broad in nature and time-consuming, starting with the selection of ICs for the loads and covering circuit design, selection of constants including those for phase compensation, board design for obtaining desired characteristics, and thermal design for heat generation. This 3-pin DC/DC converter module series from ROHM integrates all required components and allows for high-power operation without using any external components. In addition, since the Series guarantees characteristics as a module, all necessary characteristics can be obtained without touching circuit and board design. This feature reduces the time and energy required for power supply design.

BP5275 Overview

Configuring a conventional DC/DC converter begins with selecting the appropriate IC (for the load), along with a number of circuit constants (i.e. for phase compensation, peripheral circuitry). In addition, board and thermal designs must be taken into consideration based on a variety of factors, requiring significant development time. In contrast to this ROHM's DC/DC converter module integrates all required components, eliminating the need for external parts. Also, all necessary characteristics can be obtained without requiring complex board and circuit designs, simplifying power supply configuration and reducing development time considerably.

  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Heat sink unnecessary
  • Low output ripple voltage
  • High output voltage accuracy
  • Compact package
  • Pin-compatible with conventional 3-pin LDOs