RF Connectors and Cables

By Crystek Corporation 242

RF Connectors and Cables

Crystek has released its line of high-performance RF connectors to its distribution network, making these durable, precision connectors available to the open market. The company supports a full line of passivated stainless steel RF connectors – SMA, TNC, N-Type, 2.4 mm, 2.9 mm (K) – in jack, plug or bulkhead styles. Crystek currently offers connectors that are designed to be mated with cables from Semflex, IW and Harbour.

Crystek is also offering its 18 GHz coaxial cable in bulk quantities. Crystek CC-SS402 silver-plated copper cable features impedance of 50 ohms and attenuation of 0.66 db/ft at 18 GHz.