Tower Mechatronics Board and Robot

By NXP Semiconductors 252

Tower Mechatronics Board and Robot

The Tower Mechatronics Board from NXP combines 32-bit computing, sensors, and actuator control into a single stand-alone board with an on-board battery supply. The Tower Mechatronics Board has a 32-bit ColdFire microcontroller with 64 K of RAM, 512 K of flash, and supports the full range of NXP Xtrinsic sensors via plug-in daughter boards. The board can directly control up to eight actuators (PWM controlled RC servos) via the eight industry standard 3-pin connectors.

In addition to stand-alone operation, the Tower Mechatronic Board can be plugged into the Tower System. When plugged into the Tower System the Tower Mechatronic Board becomes a controller module, capable of interfacing with all peripheral modules available in the Tower System family to expand its capabilities.

NXP's robot is a sensor development kit in the form of a four degrees of freedom (DOF) bipedal walking robot, controlled by the Tower Mechatronic Board. Included are simple development tools that will help you learn to write software for sensors, while making a robot walk and respond to touch, motion, vibration, tilt, and other external stimuli.