USF Chip Fuses

By SCHURTER Inc. 231

USF Chip Fuses

Schurter’s wide range of surface mount chip fuses, USF 0402, USF 0603, USF 1206, and USFF 1206, provide optimal over-current protection in dense secondary circuits. These circuits are found in consumer electronics such as battery operated, handheld and portable electronic devices including laptops, cell phones, GPS systems, PDA's and many other devices which continue to demand increasingly smaller components.

The range of fuses is offered with quick, super quick acting and time lag options. The current ratings in the quick and super quick acting fuses range from .16 to 6.3 A, while the time-lag UST 1206 has current ratings ranging from 7 A to 25 A. Rated voltage for these components range from 32 to 125 VAC and 63 to 125 VDC. Each fuse series boasts unique performance characteristics such as low voltage drop and high breaking capacity.

A letter on each fuse indicates its current rating to ensure tracking of the proper fuse through the production process. The fuses are UL 248-14 and cURus approved, and hold a Free of CCC certificate from China. Terminals are either tin or gold-plated copper alloy.