SMA Self-Fixture End Launch Connectors

By Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson 309

SMA Self-Fixture End Launch Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' enhanced end launch connectors properly align and hold the center of a coaxial connector to the circuit board plane without the need for special fixtures. Specially-designed connector legs tightly grip a range of substrate thicknesses until the soldering operation to couple the two is complete. Additionally, these connectors feature redesigned contacts and insulator material that work in tangent to form an optimized connection point. While the contact maintains proper impedance under aggressive torque and axial stresses, the insulator acts as a seal by compressing itself into the board edge during soldering. This creates a barrier between the inner and outer conductors and protects against solder bridging.

No mounting screws, adapters, aftermarket tools, or ad hoc devices are needed to install these connectors. These unique connectors will overcome the problematic gaps and discontinuities associated with inconsistent soldering process. These connectors can save products from the poor connections that degrade signal quality and provide optimal return loss values between 0 GHz and 18 GHz.

The high-frequency end launch connectors work in a similar fashion to self-fixturing connectors by attaching directly to coplanar waveguide circuit board and operate with respectable return loss values up to 26.5 GHz. The in-line connector design minimizes reflections as compared to a right-angled (perpendicular) PC-mount transition.

  • Automated test equipment
  • Broadband MMIC power amplifiers
  • Cellular linear power amplifiers
  • DBS low-noise block down convertors
  • Global positioning satellite antennas
  • GPS and phase array antennas
  • High speed routers and switches
  • Microwave filters, mixers, and combiners
  • Phased array antennas
  • Radar systems