Max® V CPLD Development Kit

By Intel® FPGAs 268

Max® V CPLD Development Kit

Intel®'s MAX® V CPLD development kit, from the market's leading supplier of CPLDs, provides a comprehensive, low-cost hardware platform to quickly begin developing low-cost, low-power CPLD designs.

The development board was designed to prototype the most common CPLD applications, including I/O expansion, interface bridging, power management control, configuration and initialization control, and analog interface control.

  • Helps with design development for the 5M570Z CPLD
  • Interfaces to external functions and devices, via four connectors
  • Comes up to speed quickly with user's CPLD design by reusing the example designs provided by the kit's Board Test System
  • Measures CPLD power (VCCINT and VCCIO)
  • Reads and writes to memories:
    • 8-kilobits (Kb) user flash memory (UFM) available within 5M570Z CPLD
    • I2C or SPI EEPROMs (user installed)
  • Users are able to reuse the kit's PCB board and schematic as model for designs