VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies

By Molex Inc 195

VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies

Molex's low-profile, 12-fiber VersaBeam POD (parallel optical device module) Cable Assemblies (also known as PRIZM LightTurn cable assemblies) are designed to mate to Avago Technologies' 120 Gbps MicroPOD and MiniPOD parallel optic modules. The 1.80 mm jacketed-round and bare-fiber-ribbon cable assemblies perpendicularly mate to the top of the optical modules, providing simple assembly and optimum airflow on the PCB. Multiple 12-fiber VersaBeam interconnects can be consolidated to a single I/O assembly on the front or back panel by using either 24-, 48-, or 72-fiber MT ferrules in Molex's high-density interconnects including HBMT, Array, and Circular MT connectors.

Features and Benefits
  • Innovative perpendicular mating interface with Avago Technologies' parallel optical modules for board-mounted, row, or clustered layouts
  • 12-fiber, 1.80 mm jacketed round and bare-ribbon fiber assemblies available
  • VersaBeam POD terminations can be aggregated to 24-, 48- and 72-fiber MT ferrules
  • Laser-cleaved collimated, expanded-beam ferrule interface
  • Provides optimum airflow on the PCB and ribbon-cable management above the optical modules
  • Provides improved density and fiber management compared to small form-factor Pluggable (SFP) and parallel optic transceivers
  • Capable of multiple re-mating's to the Avago MiniPOD module
  • Cable assemblies meet Telcordia GR-1435 requirements required by telecommunications equipment providers; Molex is the first cable assembly supplier to meet these requirements
  • Jacketed round cable allows cable to be routed in any direction while protecting the fiber during installation
  • Variety of cable options provides design flexibility
  • High-density connections achieved with Molex HBMT, array, and circular MT connectors
  • Provides excellent optical performance without the time consuming fiber polishing, cleaning, and inspection requirements
  • Components are designed to work together for optimum performance ensuring functional end-to-end optical links