By Maxim Integrated 232


Maxim's MAX7320 2-wire, serial-interfaced peripheral features eight push-pull outputs with selectable power-up logic states. The +5.5 V tolerant, active-low RST input clears the serial interface, terminating any I²C communication to or from the MAX7320. This device uses two address inputs with four-level logic to allow 16 I²C slave addresses. The slave address also determines the power-up state level for the outputs in groups of four ports. The MAX7320 supports hot insertion, and the serial interface SDA, SCL, AD0, AD2, and active-low RST remain high impedance in power-down (V+ = 0V) with up to +6 V asserted on them. The MAX7320 is one device in a family of pin-compatible port expanders with a choice of input ports, open-drain I/O ports, and push-pull output ports. The devices are available in 16-pin QSOP and 16-pin TQFN packages, and specified over the automotive temperature range (-40°C to +125°C).

  • 400 kHz, +5.5 V tolerant I²C serial interface
  • +1.71 V to +5.5 V operating voltage
  • Eight push-pull output ports with selectable power-up logic states
  • AD0 and AD2 inputs select from 16 slave addresses
  • Low 0.6 µA (typ) standby current
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range
  • Automotive
  • Cell phones/PDAs
  • Notebooks
  • RAID
  • Satellite radios
  • Servers