D2FD Series Sealed Switches

By Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 256

D2FD Series Sealed Switches

Omron's unique new dust-proof switch provides a cost effective solution for the many domestic and commercial electrical systems that don't need a fully waterproof solution. Competitively priced compared to typical fully sealed alternatives, the new Omron D2FD ultra-sub miniature dust-proof detection switch is sealed to IP6x, and complements the sealed switches in Omron's range.

By using rubber packing, Omron has created a low cost switch that is effectively protected against dust and other dry contaminants with a J-size case of 6.5 mm x 12.8 mm x 6 mm. The switch is based on a single-leaf moving spring design, and is available in a total of 12 versions, with solder or PCB terminals, pin plunger, hinge lever or simulated roller lever actuators, rated at 2 A or 0.1 A. The D2FD is protected against dust to IP6 standards but provides no protection against liquids.


  • Sealing by using rubber packing means the switch can be used in dust-proof environments (IEC IP6X)
  • Switch rating of 2 A at 125 VAC possible with a single-leaf movable spring. Models for DC voltage loads are also available
  • Solder and PCB terminals are available
  • RoHS compliant