FL7701 Smart Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver IC

By ON Semiconductor 258

FL7701 Smart Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver IC

ON Semiconductor offers the FL7701, a smart, non-isolated buck LED driver IC. The device uses a digital technique to automatically detect the AC input voltage condition, allowing it to create a special internal reference signal that results in high power-factor correction. The FL7701 will also work from a DC input voltage condition, automatically sensing AC versus DC input voltage conditions. The traditional technique of using a transformer in an MR application incurs additional losses with the transformer conversion; this traditional inefficient method can now be replaced using the FL7701 connected directly to a DC or AC off-line input. The FL7701 combines high functional density in a small form factor that provides designers up to 20 percent lower bill of materials (BOM) costs and up to 60 percent board space savings. This combination creates a solution suitable for the space-constrained PCB sizes found in LED lighting applications and supports analog dimming.

Features Applications
  • Built-in over-temperature protection function
  • Soft-start function
  • Low operating current: 0.85 mA (typical)
  • Analog Dimming Function
  • LED lamps for decorative lighting
  • LED lamps for low-power lighting