M500 Series Solid-State Drives

By Micron Technology Inc 506

M500 Series Solid-State Drives

Our next-generation M500 solid state drive (SSD) is designed to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the mobile computing market. The M500 delivers strong performance, greatly reduces power consumption, and provides exceptional data protection features. It is offered in three thin, lightweight form factors with capacities from 120–960 GB. In fact, the M500 packs nearly half a terabyte into an M.2 SSD module—a new form factor that’s the size of a stick of gum. It’s an ideal size for ultrathin computers, including Ultrabook™ devices, tablets, and laptops.

The M500 features Micron® 20 nm MLC NAND Flash, SATA 6 Gb/s interface, industry-standard 512-byte sector size support, hot-plug/hot-remove capable, device sleep (DEVSLP) extreme low-power mode, and ATA-8 ACS2 command set compliant.